(C) 612 723 3486   (E) ellisvonsternberg@gmail.com 




2016 DEAR SLUDGE, CRUEL SLUDGE | Solo, 4th Ward Project Space, Chicago IL

2015 Sometimes I Say Mean Things | Slow Gallery, Chicago IL

2015 Seven Over Seven | Silent Funny, Chicago IL

2014 Until Then, | Alcatraz Chicago, Chicago IL

2013 S3: EP13: 20:05 | Solo, AdventureLand Gallery, Chicago IL

2013 On The Precipice | Zhou B Art Center, Chicago IL 

2013 SAIC BFA Spring Exhibition | Sullavin Galleries, Chicago IL

2012 Euphemize | Slow Gallery, Chicago IL

2012 C.A.N. Group Show | South Side Community Center for the Arts, Chicago IL 

2011 Is The Move | Paper Jaw Gallery, Chicago IL 




Chester Alamo-Costello, "Ellis von Sternberg - Defining Aesthetic Spheres", COMP Art & Design Magazine, December 25, 2015, http://www.thecompmagazine.com/ellis-von-sternberg/


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2013 Bachelor of Fine Arts, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago IL, Emphasis on sculpture 





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